1. I was up in the valley this weekend too. Sunday the wind was so awful it made me sick to my stomach. Bizarre. “Le vent rend fou”….it’s so true. Sounds like a lovely weekend.

  2. Your embroidey is stunning, white on beige is very elegant, and look at the variety of stitches!
    I also like the volets turquoises in the view,so French.
    And for a gluten free girl like me, the McBaguette looks VERY appealing…sorry!

  3. Totally fav’riting that embroidery project!!! It’s exactly the kind of thing I love to do. Beautiful work and lovely stitches! Looking forward to more pics!

  4. Love the embroidery! France is the only place my mum has ever conceded to walk into McDonalds – because they have beer, and had salad long before they did elsewhere ;o)

  5. Hey! That’s my archway.
    Confession: I’ve eaten the McBaguette and it’s freaking delicious! And guess what? I’m going to Manosque today and now I know what I’m eating for lunch!
    (there will be jogging tomorrow… lots and lots of jogging) x

  6. Lovely sampler! Maaike’s blanket is really beautiful, too with all those gorgeous colours! And I really like the colours in the pic with the archway.

    I have to say that I don’t object at all the the occasional Big Mac, but McBaguette seems just wrong somehow …

    Looking forward to your travel pics! 🙂

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