1. Catching up on your blog and lovely new website while I have my lunch just like I used to when we were in France. Love being back in a close-ish time zone to you again and seeing your posts in real time! Bag is gorgeous – cannot believe the recipient is nine already!

  2. Just gorgeous Kirsty! I love the classic yellow and grey colour scheme you have chosen! I saw some bag interfacing at the AQC on the weekend. Now I am sorry I didn’t buy any- I think it would be perfect for this structured type of bag!

  3. Love the tote, perfect fabric for a lover of yellow. The Magical Cupboard of Crap, bwah ha ha, I have one of those too, although I think it’s magical properties are limited.

  4. This looks fabulous!I love the fabric choices you made, the texture combination is perect!
    It looks like it might be a good pattern to try that Soft ad Stable foam on…hmmm, yet another project for me! Lol

  5. Love it Kirsty, fab colours + fabrics, it’s a very happy looking bag. I met Krista at QuiltCon, and bought her great book over there – I didn’t realise you had met her in France! I’d so love to go to one of her retreats one day too – some way somehow. Cat

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