1. It looks great to me, not at all odd but beautiful so I’d say it turned out very well in the end. I am such an amateur, not even a proper beginner in quilting. I have never even started anything laborious yet so all this changing of plans is yet to come for me. Well, I do have quite a lot of similar experiences with dressmaking… (Got to do to bed now. It’s 4 am around here and I’m sitting at my laptop as usual..)

  2. Sooo recognisable this whole process! And it turned out to to great after all! Only you know what you initially wanted to achieve, we don’t. And it turned out to be a great lurning curve
    So what more do you want from a quilt??
    So snuggle up : winter is coming your way …

  3. It doesn’t look at all odd. I love the design and colours. I would have given up a long time ago so good on you for keeping working on it and finishing with a gorgeous design.

  4. I really love the finished result! Although it might not be what you set out to make, as you found the journey is as valuable as the finished product. Enjoy your snuggling!

  5. Unique and creative I’d call it! I love the centre with the interesting shapes radiating from the Rose Star! I too admire your perseverance in completing this so well! I can just imagine people asking for a pattern for this! Are you ready?

  6. Lovely quilt, great colours. I think you should be pleased with your finished quilt! I have a couple of quilt tops that I look at & think it needs something more but I am still waiting for inspiration to strike, so back into the cupboard they go!

  7. As a beginning quilter, this is my experience with just about every quilt! Haha. Your words are so reflective of growth and learning and the frustration and acceptance that comes with it. Thanks so much for sharing something I completely relate to!

  8. I really like this quilt. Your eye for colour and design has stood you in good stead once again! I don’t know if you are able to pass on the name of the long-arm quilting design. I live in the northern part of Queensland and recently took a quilt made up of triangles to my local quilter. Unfortunately I chose the wrong design. This one is much better suited to triangles and I would love to know what it is for future reference.

  9. Yep, I’ve had projects like that – ones in which the finish is not at all satisfying. Recently I did a patchwork quilt in which the orange took over more than I intended. Like you said, we tend to learn the most from those kind. You have some great patterns for sale, so clearly your eye for design is well developed! Maybe this quilt played a part =)

    • Thanks Rachel. I’m learning every day, that’s for sure. And my tastes are changing too, which can be a problem when a project like this takes two years to complete. A design aesthetic can change a lot in two years! Thanks for dropping by x

  10. Hi Kirsty. I think many Quilter’s may have worked through similar experiences and I certainly have — yours only took two years — I am still working through one after six years and it is only in the past year that I have formed a “relationship ” with that quilt!!!! Well done for sticking with it — and I for one think it looks wonderful. Hugs, Nanna Ray

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