1. Appreciate that you tried both methods, and shared your results. I had intended to do the templates, but now I think I might go for the FPP method. I think some of the accuracy difference is because paper can’t stretch like those bias edges of the fabric!

  2. For finished size I have had better luck with fpp. For fussy cutting, I love mm templates. I will trace the templates on the wrong side,lift the template and carefully use my rotary cutter along the lines so that I don’t have to worry about it slipping. This may or may not work with wine but I have tried a nice Margarita on the rocks?

  3. I really appreciate your comparison of the two methods. I’m not terribly excited about Paper Piecing as I just don’t like the idea of using paper in sewing (dulls the needle, dulls the scissors, extra waste, etc…). I loved seeing your method for putting the block together with classic templates and machine piecing. That’s how I did it, however didn’t realize the benefit in pressing the seams open.
    I enjoyed your tutorial and appreciate your helpful hints!!

  4. Even though I am not making these blocks, I certainly appreciate the time and effort you have gone to write this blogpost! It may have taken two days to make the blocks, but I bet it took a long time to put this post together! But not even that or any amount of arm twisting makes me want to make this!!!

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