1. I love the mix of colors! I made your Modern Chevron Baby Quilt using the orange/neutral pattern and love it. I wondered what it would look like in other color combinations! There’s something about the symmetry and the movement in it that really speaks to me. Thank you for your creativity and your generosity in sharing with your patterns and tutorials.

  2. Oh! Letting go of perfectionism is sooo hard but liberating when you manage to do it. I feel your pain, but love how this quilt turned out. I have a stack of fabric ready to go for my chevron quilt. Just. Need. Time. To. Get. It. Started!!! Also I love the two photos of the back of the patchwork. You could hang that first one as art in its own right. Bon Weekend!

  3. Gorgeous block! Fingers crossed for you so that it arrives in good order.

    Well, I’m working on letting go of perfectionism too… easier said than done. ;o) However, I found a lovely quote to help me keep it all in perspective while making me smile…
    “Perfect is the opposite of being done.”

  4. Looks beautiful! Your quilting constantly inspires me to try the same designs in crochet and knitting…thus far, no luck, but I sure hope I can put something together that’s as lovely as this!

  5. Oooh love this, but feel totally inadequate now that you have made two and I’m still slogging away at my first one. I used Elizabeth’s postage stamp tutorial, it’s great isn’t it, so much easier to get much more accurate piecing, especially on teeny tiny squares. Good luck, I’ll be keeping an eye out for it too.

  6. Oh, I love it! The itty-bitty pieces and the colours and mix of bright with charcoal and grey! I’m crossing my fingers for you both for the competition and La Poste!

  7. Have enjoyed looking around your blog – I love your modern quilt and all the more cos it has a little human imperfection in it – that’s what makes handmade handmade! Loved seeing Amiens again – we were there this time last year – so you brought back some memories. xCathy

  8. Ooh, aah, you inspire me! I said it on flickr I say it here this is beautiful! I love the internet because we can see and write all over the world. I am following you by email to see what you do next! Gotta work on my own submission! I got my fabric same place you did and was checking who used all the colors, so I will too.

  9. You’ve done an amazing block for the challenge, congratulations!!! It absolutely embodies modern quilting for me, I hope the committee feels the same way and chooses it!

  10. you are a true quilt master Kirsty! This piece is phenomenal – and I only wish my quilt had as less off-points as this one…

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