1. Oh my goodness! As soon as I saw this, I thought about one that I made (for a pillow) many years ago. I was (and still am) bowing down to your abilities and precision. This one is a bear to make to keep it perfect with all that hand turning and sewing… on a CURVE no less! Bravo to you!

    I am proud that you finished and it does look fabulous. I would definitely hang it on a wall, and I am so glad for you that it’s over!


    • Wow! Job well done. This quilt looks so pretty and you hand sewed it. God love you for that…………Barb

  2. I am in love. Wow!! I haven’t taken that plunge yet but maybe one day I will be brave enough. It turned out great.

    Here is a suggestion if you want to help “disquise” the meeting points of your “petals”. Sew clear buttons where they meet. You can see the color through the buttons but the meeting point is hidden by where you sew on the buttons. However, I like it as is and think you deserve a prize for this.

    Thank you for showing it.


  3. It’s beautiful and I think it would make an amazing wall hanging. Good job to stick with it to the end. My stepmother actually made a QUEEN SIZE Cathedral Window quilt by had for my niece last year. Unbelievable patience in my opinion. I think I’ll try one your size but probably by machine πŸ™‚

  4. Oh I am so pleased that you finished it!! It’s the most beautiful little quilt ever. Truely I LOVE it. The colours are perfect too. Here’s an idea for you since you are not happy with the intersections; you could make some covered buttons to cover the intersections in the same fabrics which would look really good. If it’s for hanging on a wall, which I think is just where it will look it’s best, the buttons will be fine. I know in time you will love it when you are less critical of it because really it’s quite a work of art. Good on you Kirsty! P.S. I want one now too! Must go and google.

  5. Two words. You’re nuts! It is absolutely fabulous Kirsty. Take a step back and look at it. It’s phenomenal in it’s awesomeness.
    You can always give it to me, my birthday is in July, lol. That would save me from ever having to make one. There is no way I would ever have the patience to produce that.

  6. Wow! Perseverance PLUS! Even an old hand like me hasn’t attempted one of those….. and now I cant…… as the eyesight is questionable…. so…. one day when you get OLD you wont even see those fluffy points …you’ll just think how amazing you WERE in your youth πŸ™‚
    Get yourself some divine ribbon, and a medal from a sports supplier… get it engraved and make up a showy “Award” for yourself….attach it permanently…. stand back…. and pour yourself a Champagne. Clever girl.

  7. I think you have done a beautiful job – it would look great as a wall hanging – like a stained glass panel. Good on you for persevering with it – can’t wait too see what you do with it.

  8. It is a delight to look at. You could use it as a wall hanging for the time being, maybe later you will decide to incorporate it in a bigger quilt (different pattern!) using it as a ‘window’.
    I like the idea of using buttons on the intersections, but I would rather use different coloured ones, vintage or not.
    I enjoyed to see how you made it.

  9. I think it’s lovely, Kirsty! Would make a fabulous wallhanging. Such pretty fabrics and a testament to your determination. I’m sure you’ll come to love it as the memory of the labour involved fades. ;o)

  10. It’s beautiful!!! And I agree, it definitely deserves a spot on the wall! πŸ™‚ Kudos for persevering, drawn out projects really can be annoying and zip your crafting energy! I am sure that after a couple of days you are as in love with it as we all are!

  11. Holy Smokes, Kirsty! Don’t be so hard on yourself…or this little piece of wonder. I can’t see the meeting points…all I see is something incredibly cool. Traditional and modern at the same time. I love your fabric choices. Stop it! I don’t have many more notches for you to keep climbing to.

  12. Sorry to agree with everyone but it’s stunning and any wall would be proud to have it. 18 months? Poof! I’ve recently found some squares that I started at least, well it has to be, 12 years ago. I also found some blocked strips from the same era but I turned those into a headboard for the guest room.

  13. C’est Super Joli!
    Manifique Travaille!
    Love it, really!
    And dont be too hard on yourself, what matters most is to have done it, to have finished it! Some poeple dont even try!! (like myself, been saying for months now that I am going to join my local quilting blub to make a bed cover)…And only the artist see’s the errors nobody else! Trust me!
    Hand it, and dont ever forget all the work you put into it!

  14. I tried to post last night and couldn’t for some reason. So glad I can today. Wow! Is all I can say. It is beautiful. I turned the iPad to Paul’ so he could see it last night and he was duly impressed too. He doubly complimented you by loving the photographs of the Stunnung quilt just as much as the quilt itself!

  15. But it turned out so awsome! Your choices of fabrics are unbelievable and your craftmanship is so good. Toutes mes felicitations pour un travail si beau et si bien fait! You don’t really need to disguise anything, but the covered button suggestion is one I really like as it would add just another touch of sophistication to a beautiful quilt.
    This year I am in charge of the Block of the Month at my guild here in Texas. I have chosen to show techniques with folded fabrics and the cathedral window will be part of it, but I will base it on the 3 dimensional bowtie block. I hope this will be fun.
    Thanks for showing us this great piece,

  16. I’d never been a huge fan of cathederal windows … until now! The funkiness of the fabrics against the white is wonderful. If only I didn’t have so many unfinished projects in plain view – many of which have also ‘travelled extensively’ during their creation :-). I think you deserve some sort of reward Kirsty.

  17. This is absolutely gorgeous! I’ve been wanting to try this for years. My mom made a cathedral queen-size quilt years ago, but it literally took her years to complete. I may try one the size you made and frame it for the wall.

  18. Wow, it’s beautiful! Do put it up on your wall, please – that’s where it belongs, in a place where everyone can see it!
    And thank you for sharing the process, I think I finally understand how a Cathedral Window quilt is constructed, but I doubt I’m brave enough to start one…

  19. Made with some of my most favorite fabrics. This quilt is brilliant, bold, and beautiful! Well worth your 18 months of hard labor πŸ™‚ Phenominal!!!

  20. Love your quilt Kirsty.
    I started one just like it when my children were very young they are now in their 40’s!!
    It got to be about 16 X 36 and I got tired of sewing it. It became a wall hanging in my sewing room. I still love it but not enough to keep

  21. I have made several cathedral windows and I must say that yours is the prettiest I have ever seen. Thank you for sharing the process

  22. this is beautiful and I’m inspired to try but I can’t wrap my head around how. Do you have a pattern for purchase?

  23. I absolutely love this….I feel badly that you can’t look at it with my eyes. Not being technically an expert makes me question what you see about points not meeting or this and that. It’s beautiful! I am in awe!

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