Starting to get cold now. The bird bath has frozen solid. At least the weeds look pretty when they sparkle. Finished this little girl play mat on the weekend. Used some left over charm squares with strips of Kona Lime for the back (and more Kona Snow). The quilting is all straight lines, often seen …

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The Pixelated Quilt

Is finished! Here it is, washed and ready for action. The filmstrip back. In the interests of transparency, I’d like to outline the stupid things I did while making this quilt so you can learn from my mistakes, or at least have a good laugh. 1. Firstly, and most stupidly. As I was preparing to …

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A Process Post.

Process posts in quilting blogland were all the rage a month or so ago and I love them. It’s so interesting to see where everyone gets their ideas and how a final creation comes together. So here’s my version. 1. I need to make another quilted baby mat for a little boy.2. I read too …

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Ever had a great idea?

One that gets you really excited? I had one last night. I could see the finished product in my head, even knew exactly where I’d hang it once it was done and dusted. I knew what I wanted but I wasn’t quite sure how to go about it. So the pencils came out. Then I …

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Blue Baby – Done

Finished this one off today, a gift for my new nephew. I followed Rita’s recipe faithfully as I really liked the cross-hatching. My sister requested darker colours on the back, for those not-so-clean baby days. I’m really looking forward to delivering this in person next month. Bon weekend!

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