Pattern Corrections

Diamonds in the Deep.
Check whether your pattern still contains either of these errors:

1. Cutting diagram error for the TWIN center squares.
There should be five (5) 3″ squares and fourteen (14) 1.5″ squares.
To correct, exchange one group of four 1.5″ squares for one 3″ square, and you’ll have what you need with no changes to the amount of fabric required.

2. Block 4 Family diagram duplication.
In some patterns the Block 4B diagram has been duplicated next to the Block 4/4A diagram. There should only be one Block 4/4A diagram and one Block 4B diagram, as seen below:

Slip Stitch

The binding amounts have been swapped. The amount for the baby quilt should be for the lap quilt; the amount for the lap quilt should be for the lap quilt. As long as you have a half yard you’ll be fine for either size quilt.

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