My Great Quilting Idea

I had the most brilliant idea the other day. Something that’d help me be super-productive and finish my quilts in half the time. Tell me, tell me, all the quilters cry. I will…but first let me tell you how I came about this most excellent idea. This year, at the ripe old age of 47, …

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Up And Away Quilt Pattern

I have the Up And Away quilt pattern ready for you today! This pattern is a very easy and flexible modern quilt pattern that’ll help you get your stash out of the cupboard and into a beautiful quilt. The pattern is fat quarter friendly and has instructions to make all 5 quilt sizes using fat …

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Essex yarn dyed linen Lollies quilt by Bonjour Quilts

Essex Linen Lollies Quilt

My last Lollies quilt (below) was quite colourful and chirpy – full of citrusy colour. You can read all about this version and see several other colour mock-ups in this post. For my next Lollies quilt I wanted something a little more subdued and quiet. I chose metallic Essex yarn dyed linen in Ocean for …

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Lollies quilt hanging from a fence post

Lollies Quilt Pattern

A new year, a new quilt pattern! I’m happy to introduce to you the Lollies quilt pattern. This pattern came to be as the result of a mistake (you can read all about that in this previous blogpost). Luckily, it was one of those happy mistakes that lead to something I hadn’t considered before. The …

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