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How will my quilt pattern be delivered?

If you’ve ordered a PDF quilt pattern it will be emailed automatically to your inbox in the form of a downloadable link. You will be able to access the link up to 3 times before it times out – so make sure you save the pattern to your hard drive before then!

If you’ve ordered a paper copy of my Diamonds in the Deep pattern it will come to you via Australia Post. If you’re Australian, I mail from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland – that will give an idea of when to expect delivery.

If you live in the US/UK/Rest of World, delivery should take 7-10 days standard, up to two weeks in some cases. However with COVID-19 causing havoc with International Postage, I can’t give an exact estimate on when your pattern will arrive. If you absolutely, positively must have it by a certain date, I recommend purchasing the electronic copy of this pattern.

Help – I purchased a PDF pattern but haven’t received my download email!

First things first, please check your spam folder as it may be hiding there. Next, please check your PayPal/credit card transactions to be sure your payment did actually go through. If neither of these actions yield answers, please email me (see below) and I will hunt that download link down and make sure it gets to you!

I clicked the download link but I don’t see my pattern.

This may be due to how your computer is set up to handle downloads. Some computers save and then open files on your screen upon downloading, others only save. Try checking your Downloads folder, or do a search for the pattern name in your file manager.

Do I have to download Dropbox to download my pattern?

No – downloading to Dropbox is offered as an option for your convenience, but there’s no requirement to have a Dropbox account to access your pattern. Just click the download link and download it straight to your computer.

I went to download my pattern(s) and received an error message.

This means you have exceeded the download limit (3) for your pattern(s) and access has timed out. Folks using an iPhone or iPad to look at the pattern before saving often have this problem (grrr, Apple!) I recommend you save your pattern to a laptop or desktop once you receive your download email. If you have accidentally timed out your access, send me an email (see below) and I will reactivate your link for you.

What is your refund policy?

Because this is a digital product it cannot be returned for a refund. But please contact me if you have any problems – I’m here to help you.

May I share your pattern with a friend, or members of my quilting group?

In short, no. If one of your friends wants the pattern, please direct them to the shop. Small businesses like Bonjour Quilts can’t survive without your support!

All my patterns are subject to copyright – you are not permitted to copy, give away, or sell any part of any pattern in any form (paper or electronic).

Quilt guilds – please enquire about wholesale rates; do not copy and distribute this pattern amongst your members.

May I sell quilts made from your patterns?

Yes! Home sewists are free to sell quilts made from Bonjour Quilts patterns at markets, on Etsy, etc. Large scale production is not permitted. Please make mention that your quilt was made from a Bonjour Quilts pattern on your product listing/product tag. Thank you!

Will you rewrite this pattern in a different size for me?

I’m sorry, but I cannot. It’s only me working here and I don’t have the time required to do this additional work. (But I will reconsider once human cloning is viable.)

If you’re Australian, why are your shop prices in US dollars?

My shop software requires a single currency to be selected and as ~85% of my customers are in the US it makes sense to use USD.

I think quilt patterns are overpriced – why aren’t they cheaper?

Hopefully this blog post will shed some light on the cost of designing a quilt pattern/running a pattern designing business.

Kirsty, I simply must email you.

You can reach me at kirsty (at) bonjourquilts [dot) com.

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