Pantone Peach Fuzz Fabric and More!

Welcome to another edition of weekend quilty goodness with Bonjour Quilts. Let’s dive right into all the latest colour (color) news! Make sure you’re sitting somewhere comfortable because there are a lot of photos coming your way.

[There are lots of links to fabric here, several are affiliate links which means I earn a small commission if you purchase through the link. It doesn’t cost you any extra, and it’s part of how I pay my website hosting fees. It’s a very easy way you can help support my work if you were planning to buy fabric anyway.]

Pantone Colour of the Year…Peach Fuzz.

Every year the Pantone people give us a new theme colour for the year. And the colour for 2024 is Peach Fuzz.

Wait, what is Pantone?

Pantone is a company that describes itself as being the ‘language of colour”. Essentially if you’re starting up a business and want to be sure all your colours across all your things (business cards, shop lettering, packaging, mail box flyers, etc) are the same, then that’s where Pantone comes in. They have worked out how to make your chosen colours look exactly the same on all materials, which can be tricky when printing on plastic, paper, cardboard, fabric….you get the drift.

It’s quite handy for businesses that have enough money to pay for their services (not me, I just have to eyeball it). You can be assured that the colour you see on the Pantone colour swatch will be faithfully replicated on all your business goods/marketing.

What Colour is Peach Fuzz?

It’s a soft, pastel-y, pinky orange. Pantone says they chose it for 2024 as it’s a “cozy and comforting hue nurturing compassion and heartfelt kindness”. We could all do with a bit more of this!

What else does Pantone tell us about this colour? They describe it as a “velvety gentle peach tone that captures our desire to nurture ourselves and others and whose all-embracing spirit enriches mind, body, and soul.”

And finally, Pantone’s Executive Director elaborates “in seeking a hue that echoes our innate yearning for closeness and connection, we chose a color radiant with warmth and modern elegance. A shade that resonates with compassion, offers a tactile embrace, and effortlessly bridges the youthful with the timeless.”

Wow, that’s a lot to pack into a colour – no pressure, Peach Fuzz!

Do I love it? Erm…

Look, I don’t exactly love it. I don’t mind it, and I definitely don’t hate it. Not much of an endorsement, I know! (I’m sorry, I’m very team blue and green.)

But hey, I’m open to it. I’m open to using a new colour in my quilting projects and seeing how it goes. I also enjoy the challenge of taking a colour I don’t love and making something I do. It’s good fun. This leads on to…

Pantone Quilt Challenge 2024

I was excited to see that Sarah Ruiz and Elizabeth Ray will be co-hosting a Pantone Quilt Challenge again in 2024. Details will be forthcoming in the New Year, but look to have a quilt ready by Spring (Northern hemisphere) or Autumn (Southern hemisphere). I’ll let you know where to find more info when it comes to hand.

This Challenge is a great way to experiment with using Peach Fuzz in a quilt. And let’s be honest, is it really a challenge if you love the colour you’re working with? A Challenge should be challenging, right?

As an aside, I have heard that Art Gallery Fabrics solids Georgia Peach and Shrimpy are close matches to Peach Fuzz. Cantaloupe, a Bella solids by Moda, is also a good match (found at the Fat Quarter Shop, or on Etsy.)

Kona Solids Colour of the Year – Julep

Kona solids are produced by Robert Kaufman Fabrics, and they also jumped on board the ‘Colour of the Year’ train. Julep, their colour for 2024, is a pale minty green. Now we have a pale peach and a pale mint – it seems like pastels might be making a comeback!

Kona Julep can be found in yardage and pre-cuts at the Fat Quarter Shop.

Peach Fuzz and Julep Colour Palette Options

I consulted my fabric stash and quickly realised I did not have a lot of peach or mint in there.

Thankfully there are plenty of peach fabrics out there – both your basics and some fun prints.

My Peach Fuzz Quilts

I have several quilts where I have used peach as an accent, or as a colour within a larger rainbow.

There is only one quilt that I would say uses peach as the main, or hero, colour. This is Triangle Twist which uses both a light peach and a more salmony peach paired with silver, white, taupe and a background of a flat navy blue. I really love this colour combination and think it lets the peach fuzz shine.

Snowball Party is another one of my patterns that I’ve made with peach fabric. This time it features as part of a warm collection of colours that I like to think of as sunset fabrics.

Snowball Party has been created to give you many opportunities to reduce your scrap and stash pile. The pattern comes with instructions to make baby, throw, twin and queen/king quilt sizes. The baby quilt is made with smaller blocks from FQs, but there are also additional cutting instructions on using scraps or F8s for these blocks. The throw/twin and queen/king sizes use half yards, however there are also additional cutting instructions on using scraps or FQs for these larger blocks. The pattern also gives the option of using a single fabric for the accents in the snowballs, or going scrappy. There’s even bonus mini quilt instructions to use up your small scraps for a cushion, table runner or wall hanging. And there’s a colour-in page so you can audition your fabric layouts or use it to plan a quilt in the size you prefer (adding or subtracting blocks).
Ruby Star Society Speckled fabrics in sunset colours. Perfection.
Lulu the brown Burmese cat on a coral, pink and yellow simple squares quilt pattern – a quick and easy free baby quilt pattern using 5 inch squares. The Sweet and Simple Squares quilt pattern by Bonjour Quilts is an easy quilt pattern to make in a day. It’s scrap compatible and fat quarter friendly, so it will be a great stash buster quilt. Perfect for a some handmade nursery décor.
This Simple Squares quilt pattern is also a great way to use Peach Fuzz in a colour progression of your choosing. (The blog post tutorial for this quilt also shows a version with Julep, which I’d forgotten about!)

Peach also plays really nicely in a rainbow colour scheme as it can help to join your oranges and pinks together. Here’s a version of the Kaleidoscope pattern with a few lines of peachy, coral goodness (and a minty green):

Kaleidoscope is a fat eighth, fat quarter and half yard friendly quilt pattern that can be sewn in three sizes: crib, twin or queen. The Kaleidoscope pattern includes instructions for quilts finishing at the following sizes: Crib: 36″ x 48″ Twin: 66″ x 88″ Queen: 96″ x 96″ This quilt uses Half Square Triangles (HSTs) to create 16 rows of color across the quilt. The crib size uses fat eighths (F8) cuts, the twin size uses fat quarter (FQ) cuts and the queen size uses half yard cuts. It’s a great stash buster! The pattern has pressing information to make sure all your seams nest (because I’m really not a fan of pinning). There is also a pro-tip included to make sure directional prints in your HSTs run the same way across the quilt.

And here’s a Making Waves quilt made with a few peachy additions. I love this modern rainbow palette.

And of course you could easily fit Peach Fuzz and Julep in a Colour Explosion quilt, with room to spare.

Color Explosion Quilt pattern, crib, twin and queen sizes

Other examples of Peach Fuzz in the wild

One of the easiest ways to find colour palettes that use Peach Fuzz is to hop on to Pinterest and search it up. There are plenty of examples there that you could use.

Another way to find Peach Fuzz palettes is to pay attention to the world around you, both natural and man made. I decided to make this a desk exercise and took a stroll through my travel photo archives looking for examples of peach in the wild.

Sunrise and sunset are fantastic ways to study peach. I have a couple of examples to show you. First, here’s a lovely sunset I photographed at one of my local beaches (I live on the Sunshine Coast, Australia).

I love the look of peach with neutrals (and in this case, the clouds look a little like a dusty mauve). Here’s a range of Ruby Star Society Speckled fabrics inspired by this photo – (L to R) Parchment, Natural, Pale Pink and Melon. (Could have added some Peony too, for the mauve touch.)

The photo below was taken just as sunset began so the water plays a larger part (not just reflecting the sky).

I do like the peach with some light blues and silvery greys.

Perhaps some darker blue too.

The fabric closest to the peach below is a Metallic Essex linen, which has silver threads running one way in the weave. It’s hard to photograph, but it has a lovely soft silver sheen. (You might be able to see some silver threads along the raw edge.)

We’ve looked at sunset, let’s now check out sunrise, which offers us a different palette.

I shot this photograph at the Maroochydore Surf Club just before the sun appeared. The hush was amazing and the colours were so vibrant. One of the few things that makes getting up at 5am worthwhile!

These pinks, apricots, oranges and purples look wonderful with peach. Here’s the fabric pull it inspired. (Funnily enough, Etsy’s Colour Trend for 2024 is Berry – it mixes in nicely with the Peach Fuzz. Well played, Etsy.)

Other Pantone Peach Fuzz Colour Palettes

I’ll park these photos here for reference. They’re just some other colour palettes I found while playing around with what I had in my stash. I know I’ll be revisiting them later.

Here is a blue blend with some AGF Decostitch basics. The dark fabric is Indigo Sky, the light one is Blue Minerale.

I’ve also just realised that the AGF Decostitches (a great AGF basic) also have a good range of peachy colours. Check them out here at the Fat Quarter Shop or Etsy.

How about some seaside greens with your peaches?

Or for something dramatic and modern, try this Essex Yarn Dyed Olive Linen. The peach really pops.

And finally, another neutral combo. The AGF Decostitch basic is the colour Cloud (which also comes in a wideback), and the other fabric is Metallic Essex Linen in Sand with a gold thread (sorry, I can’t seem to find it anywhere. I hope they reprint it because it’s gorgeous.)

Another example of nature and peach:

And here are some photos I took when we lived in Provence, France (late 2009 to early 2013). Peach is very present in all the villages, particularly walls and roof tops.

Light blue, white and peach is a classic look in the seaside town of Nice.
More peach and blue (with a touch of Julep on right) in the Provence town of Banon.
Lots of blue with the Peach Fuzz (and a pop of orange/tangerine) in Mejean, Provence.
I love these two peach tones with a mid blue and sandstone in the Provence town of Venelles.
A fun pop of tomato red against this peach wall in Venelles
Pastel rainbow delight in Lyon.
This one is actually the beautiful city of Mdina in Malta. A fun pop of purple (Berry!) in this one.

And one more peachy reference that I want to remember: this new book by Wendy Chow called The Quilted Home Handbook.

There’s a lovely peach combo on the front and several quilts within feature peach fabric. (I have Wendy’s first book, Urban Quilting, and it’s fabulous!)

Back to Kona’s Colour of 2024 – Julep

Let’s look at some colour combinations featuring Julep.

Can’t go wrong with adding more green!

This one has some aqua added for good measure.

How about Julep with some gold as well?

I really do like Julep with light blues:

A mix of these colours would look great in a Hello Hearts! quilt.

This post over here shows a scrappy version I made this year, so you get a feel for how it would look in the flesh (or in the fabric, I suppose.)

I also think Julep looks good with Peach Fuzz. Nature agrees with me!

Here we have Julep and Peach Fuzz with a neutral added:

And here they are with a navy added for some contrast.

Alright, to finish off let’s check out some travel photographs where minty greens like Julep make an appearance.

A doorway with plenty of character in Vittoriosa, Malta. The Julep looks lovely with tan and bone neutrals.
More from the streets of Malta – this time a pop of lemon and darker tan. Looks good!
A Julep-ish green.

Okay, heading back to Provence, France again:

Grey, orange, peach, brown, neutrals – several colour combo options here. Thank you, France!

Two Colour Quilts

Don’t forget, if forming multi-colour combinations becomes all too hard you can always go with a two colour quilt. Two colour quilts can make a real statement and look very modern, particularly if there’s a lot of contrast between your two colours.

Pairing Peach Fuzz or Julep with a nice navy blue (or the dark olive Essex linen we saw above) would look fantastic. Peach and Berry is also a smashing combination, as is Julep with a deep emerald green.

I have a good post on Black and White quilt patterns which is helpful when you want to take a multi-colour quilt pattern and only use two colours. In many cases taking the pattern down to just two colours really changes the look of the quilt.

Interesting Links around the Interwebs

Here’s a PDF pattern for a super cute felt Christmas tree ornament – it’s just darling. And here’s a tutorial for a patchwork star hoop ornament by Flamingo Toes.

For all the paper piecers (FPP) out there, here’s a quilt block by Center Street Quilts with a cute line-up of winter trees. And this candy cane by QuiltyPie is really well done.

I’m sure any Canadians reading have already seen this sweet little felted stop-motion Christmas advert for milk, but I had to share. I also found an interesting short video on how they made the advert. I love seeing the behind the scenes – it always blow my mind how much work goes into stop-motion!

For a bit of comic relief, please enjoy this display of photos of wildlife doing silly things.

Love from the cats…

Lulu and Tigger send their love, in between bouts of sleeping in strange positions. They both just turned 2, so they are absolutely exhausted. Ha!

Cats are weird, man.

Happy Holidays!

That’s it from me until after Christmas. I hope you have safe and happy holidays wherever you are, how ever you celebrate. We’ll be sweating it out at the beach and in the pool over here in Australia!

All the best until next time,

Kirsty x

Appliqué Christmas Tree mini quilt
Candy Christmas quilt pattern
Two sizes of Christmas Tree mini quilt pattern - 18.5" and 23" square.
Christmas Tree mini quilts.
Christmas Candles quilt block.

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  1. Fabulous post, Kristy. I’ve saved it for future inspiration/drooling. Wishing you and yours a beautiful (dare I say “cool”?) holiday season.

  2. Makes me want to go on Vacation to see all these places!!!!!! This is my favorite color combo! Living room walls are the Julep (also the name of one of the dogs!) The peach is also lovely. Thanks for sharing a little bit of Spring (it’s snowing here) Thanks

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  4. love love this post… so much for the eyes to absorb, what a great blend of colors. I was in agreement with a few others on ‘peach-like’ pantone this year. I did my whole bedroom and adjoining nursery in peach/brown blends in 1980. however, in 1980 I did not know about periwinkles and burning sunsets. I am excited to follow through on some of these ideas and patterns you have provided.

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