Essex yarn dyed linen Lollies quilt by Bonjour Quilts

Essex Linen Lollies Quilt

My last Lollies quilt (below) was quite colourful and chirpy – full of citrusy colour. You can read all about this version and see several other colour mock-ups in this post. For my next Lollies quilt I wanted something a little more subdued and quiet. I chose metallic Essex yarn dyed linen in Ocean for …

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Lollies quilt hanging from a fence post

Lollies Quilt Pattern

A new year, a new quilt pattern! I’m happy to introduce to you the Lollies quilt pattern. This pattern came to be as the result of a mistake (you can read all about that in this previous blogpost). Luckily, it was one of those happy mistakes that lead to something I hadn’t considered before. The …

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Christmas Candles Quilt Block

I thought I’d share a tutorial for this little Christmas quilt block. We could all do with a little extra light, yes? This little Christmas Candles quilt block finishes at 8½” x 9½” . The tutorial for the block is here on the blog, but if you’d prefer a PDF of the pattern you can …

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A Modern Baby Quilt Pattern from a Happy Mistake

Today I have a little modern baby quilt pattern that presented itself accidentally . Have you ever made a quilt design error that turned out to be a good thing? I had cut out most of a baby quilt way back in March but set it aside for some reason…I really can’t remember why. This …

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How To Match A Fabric Print For A Quilt Back

Would you like to learn how to match the print on your quilt back fabric to create a matching, uninterrupted pattern? When you’ve gone through the hassle of sewing a fabulous quilt top it makes sense to finish it off properly with a beautiful, continuous backing.  Of course you could use a wide back fabric, …

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Another Scrap Quilt – Scrappy Lattice Waves

Who doesn’t love a good scrap quilt pattern? No one, that’s who! We’re always going to need good scrap quilt patterns because of the infernal rate at which scraps breed. No matter how many scrap quilts you sew, the scrap pile doesn’t seem to get smaller. Scrap piles are scientific anomalies – fabric Bermuda Triangles …

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Mountainside – A New Quilt Pattern

Wahoo – I have a new quilt pattern out today! This pattern is called Mountainside and is a FQ friendly, stash-busting quilt. You can find it in the shop over here. Our little balcony area (seen below) provided the inspiration for this quilt. It has a comfy outdoor IKEA lounge and a rug I ordered …

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Vote Mini Quilt Pattern

I have a “Vote” mini quilt pattern for you today. November is approaching and the world is holding its breath, waiting to see what will happen. If you’re American and over 18, please vote! If you’d like to use your sewing skills to encourage others to do the same, then I have a tutorial for …

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Purple and white Diamonds in the Deep quilt

Quilt with Purple? Yes, you can!

I’m just going to say it up front. I don’t like purple. I’m not sure why – probably because it clashes terribly with my red hair. When my 10 year old requested I sew him a purple quilt, I wondered could I sew a quilt with purple? Could I spend weeks frolicking amongst the purple …

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woman holding a quilt flimsy

Snowball Party Quilt – some other versions

You can read all about the Snowball Party quilt pattern in this previous blog post. You can purchase the pattern here in my shop. Today I have some other versions of the quilt pattern to show you. This baby size quilt was sewn as part of a new fabric release. Kristy from Quiet Play has …

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