A Flower Quilt Block Tutorial, Crafty Links and a Cat or Two

Welcome back to Bonjour Quilts for your weekend update. It’s winter here in Australia, so it’s the perfect temperature to snuggle up inside under a quilt. The cooler weather also makes quilt-making a much more enjoyable experience! Let’s get on to the latest news.

A New Tutorial…

I’ve put together a new flower quilt block tutorial for you. To save this update getting too long, the tutorial is its own stand alone blog post, which you can find right here. And yes, it’s suitable for scraps, which is something I’m always looking for.

Sneak peek at a flower quilt block sewn with a tutorial by Bonjour Quilts. This 9 inch quilt block is suitable to use with scraps.

Around the Interwebs…

I enjoyed this article – it gives us a glimpse of the family behind the famous Morris & Co textile company.

There are some delightful colours and shapes in this mixed media artist’s creations.

I will never get tired of looking at embroidery, I love it so much (just not enough to do much of it, ha). Here are some very cool embroidery designs by Hookline Tinker.

Inspiration can come from anywhere – even the most unusual things (a 3 min video).

A great idea to put all those fancy stitches on my sewing machine to good use.

Reader Quilts…

I always love to see quilts you’ve made from Bonjour Quilts patterns so please keep sending them in! Either email (Kirsty at BonjourQuilts dotcom), or tag me on Facebook or Instagram.

Here’s Nicky’s beautiful Triangle Falls quilt which she made with a gorgeous ombré effect from hot pink to deep violet. Heart eyes for this one!

A Triangle Falls quilt sewn by Nicky from a Bonjour Quilts pattern. Nicky has cleverly chosen her fabrics to create a lovely colour gradation from hot pink to a deep violet. Beautiful!

Here’s a lovely procession of Go West quilts that show how fabric choices can make such beautiful and different quilts.

First up is Diane’s striking version:

A Go West quilt sewn by Diane in striking bold colours. This is. a throw size quilt.

Then we have Annie’s dreamy colour palette with some beautiful spiral hand quilting as well:

A beautiful Go West quilt sewn by Annie, using a Bonjour Quilts pattern. She is hand quilting it in a spiral motif which will look amazing.

Another stunner, this time by Vic. She calls this baby mat size version “Captain America Goes West”. Very fitting! (I love the stars in the quilting, too.)

A Go West Quilt, baby mat size, sewn in vibrant colours by Vic. Vic refers to this quilt as "Captain America Goes West" which is very fitting!

And finally, check out this celebration of a Go West quilt by StitchStitchHooray. It’s like a party, complete with confetti!

A celebratory version of the Go West pattern by Bonjour Quilts, sewn by StitchStitchHooray (instagram handle). This shows how much fabric choices can make a quilt - love this version! It's like a quilt made of confetti!

Here we have such a bright, fun version of the Scrappy Posie baby quilt, sewn by Michelle. You can find a tutorial to make this quilt right here.

A Scrappy Posie baby quilt sewn by Michelle in beautiful saturated rainbow colours. A gorgeous scrappy baby quilt made by Michelle from a Bonjour Quilts free tutorial.

And here’s Beth Ann’s monochrome version, which has a completely different look. ❤️

A Scrappy Posie baby mat sewn by Beth Ann in gradating shades of rose. This beautiful quilt is Beth Ann's clever adaptation of the Scrappy Posie baby quilt tutorial by Bonjour Quilts.

Cats’ Corner…

What’s a cat to do in winter but snuggle and sleep? Our two Burmese, Tigger (orange) and Lulu (brown) have been getting their zzzzs like champions this week. I won’t lie, I’m a bit jealous!

Two Burmese cats sleeping on a grey cat bed. They are facing each other with their paws intertwined.
Two Burmese cats sleeping on a grey cat bed. They are facing the camera, sitting up with their eyes closed.
Two Burmese cats sleeping on a grey cat bed. The orange cat is stretched out with his sister, the brown cat, resting her head on his back. They both look very comfortable and relaxed!

Thanks for dropping by, and don’t forget to hop over to read the tutorial post on the Flower Quilt Block.

Until next time,

Kirsty x

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    2 thoughts on “A Flower Quilt Block Tutorial, Crafty Links and a Cat or Two”

    1. I love seeing your quilts and patterns. And I love, love that you incorporate your cats into your posts. Cats are awesome as are quilts!


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