Mountainside – A New Quilt Pattern

Wahoo – I have a new quilt pattern out today! This pattern is called Mountainside and is a FQ friendly, stash-busting quilt. You can find it in the shop over here.

Our little balcony area (seen below) provided the inspiration for this quilt. It has a comfy outdoor IKEA lounge and a rug I ordered online. It gets chilly out there in winter, so it needed a quilt (please don’t remind me of all the already-made quilts in my cupboards!)

I wanted something with some angles (to work with the rug) but didn’t feel like making the commitment to a full log cabin. So I went with mountains instead!

Mountainside has instructions for five quilt sizes:

Baby – 45″ x 56½”

Throw – 68″ x 79″

Twin – 68″ x 90½”

Queen – 90½” x 102″

King – 113″ x 113″

The pattern is fat quarter friendly, which makes it a great pattern for stash reduction. (Fabric requirements can be seen in the shop listing.) If you’re anything like me you might keep your fabrics in colour piles. Well, each of those piles is a Mountainside quilt waiting to be made.

All you need to do is choose a contrasting colour for the “mountains” and you’re set. (The mountains can be made from yardage or there are also instructions for cutting from FQs.) Hmm, white or silver mountains for a Christmas quilt? Perhaps both?

Throw Size Mountainside

My version of Mountainside you see here is the throw size, made in an array of Ruby Star Society fabrics. I really loved the teal colour appearing in several of their fabric lines, so I cherry picked the teal/deep turquoise/navy fabrics and combined them to make this quilt. One of the lovely things about Ruby Star Society’s fabric lines is how nicely the colours all work together.

The white mountains are also Ruby Star Society fabrics – mainly from this delightful range of speckled fabric*.

Lyn’s Quilt Cottage did the quilting for me – a honeycomb pattern using a charcoal grey thread. I love the way it looks like silver against the teal, but is quite dark against the white.

I made my backing from yardage of this very cool Sarah Watts tiger print (Ruby Star Society).

The backing needed 2 widths of fabric and I took the time to match the pattern on them before sewing together (tutorial coming on this soon). Now I have an army of fully formed tigers lounging around on the back of my quilt (much like I will be underneath it!)

I used the left over strips from the backing (which was oversized for long-arming) for the binding. For speed I completely machine attached the binding.

I used many, many mini clips* to hold it in place and had it sewn down in record time.

Baby Size Mountainside

I also made a baby size version of the pattern to clear out some of my low-volume fabrics. When I realised the baby size of the Mountainside quilt could be used as a backing for the baby size of my Snowball Party quilt pattern I was very happy.

Snowball Party quilt pattern

I basted this one on my tile floor, which made it easy to make sure the backing stayed straight and level all around. I just lined up the mountains on the same tile rows as I taped it down.

So there you have it! A quick and easy way to get those FQs out of your stash and into a beautiful Mountainside quilt.

If you’d like to make your own Mountainside quilt you can find the pattern over here in the shop.

*Etsy affiliate link – thank you for supporting the blog!

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22 thoughts on “Mountainside – A New Quilt Pattern”

  1. What a simple but stunning quilt design. I guess if I never get my DinD quilt started, I could use those fabrics for this one. Thanks for always including lots of photos and entertaining comments :)

  2. I have been looking for a quilt pattern to compliment a set of Charley Harper FQs and this is it! PLUS, the nephew that I plan to make it for eloped with his long-time girl friend this weekend and they got married in the Rocky mountains of Colorado! Fate, karma, alignment of the stars? YES!! Thanks for your perfect timing!

    • Wow, that really is the perfect set of circumstances for this pattern! I’m so glad it will help you sew a beautiful wedding gift.

  3. Yet another fantastic pattern Kirsty. You have a wonderful sense of design. I love how this ties to the throw rug in your outdoor space.
    Also, whomever receives that pretty baby quilt is lucky – what a great quilt, both front and back.

  4. You can never go wrong with blue! Or beige, or….. Love the Mountain look and the flexibility of the size. Just stop when I’m done. You always have the best ideas! Hope all is well by you. Thanks for the ideas.

  5. Kristy, I love, love, love this quilt! It is not complicated but it is so effective! Also love it in the blues you used, but I can see many other color palettes working so well.
    Thank you for making this and showing it to us! ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Wouldn’t this be gorgeous in a gradient color scheme, to mimic an actual mountain vista- blue/white, gold/orange, green/brown. ❤️

    • Definitely. Tons of options to suit every stash and every mountain range! I love it when you guys come up with great ideas for patterns ❣️

  7. I love the colors and the pattern. It looks like it will be easy and quick to put together. I have a collection of “around the world” fabrics that will make a great gift quilt for my son-in-law who is from the Andes mountains in Ecuador! I can’t wait to get started! Thank you so much for all your efforts and beautiful results.

  8. Kirsty- the new pattern is gorgeous and will be in my queue as soon as I get home from the North Carolina Mountains and get unpacked from 4 months. As I write this I am looking at the gorgeous mountains in Fall Colors and seeing the new pattern! Thank you for the time it takes for you to create these beauties to share with your friends all over the world. Stay safe and well.

    • Ha, yes, I was tired after writing this long post so when it came to writing the newsletter I thought, “you know what, I don’t need to write all this again, I’ll just ask them to come over to the blog and read”. Although non-newsletter readers didn’t get to see the quilt modelled so brilliantly ;)

  9. Love this! It is perfect for a set of fat quarters that are currently strewn on my floor to make a quilt for a friend. Have been struggling with what pattern to use. This is it!! Thank you, Kirsty. And yours is gorgeous, by the way! Heading to your shop to purchase now…

  10. I have FQ waiting for a baby quilt-oh did I mention the baby is one ? :)
    This is just what I needed to get going.
    Both quilts are beautiful.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

    • It’s scary how quickly time gets away. But the baby won’t know if you don’t tell them! As long as you have it made before they’re 6 or so and those memories start forming!


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