Quilt with Purple? Yes, you can!

I’m just going to say it up front. I don’t like purple. I’m not sure why – probably because it clashes terribly with my red hair.

When my 10 year old requested I sew him a purple quilt, I wondered could I sew a quilt with purple? Could I spend weeks frolicking amongst the purple or would it just be too much for me? (I tried to talk him into a quilt with his second fave colour, orange, but he wasn’t having a word of it.)

I’m happy to report that I was indeed able to quilt with purple. I even like the final quilt!

Purple and white log cabin quilt pattern

Diamonds in the Deep QAL

I made my purple quilt as part of the Diamonds in the Deep Quilt Along I hosted, which provided the encouragement I needed.

You can find the Diamonds in the Deep PDF pattern here in my shop.

The Quilt Along began back in July and just wrapped up, and I’d love to show what some of the participants (including me) have produced.

Purple and white Diamonds in the Deep quilt on a fence

My Diamonds in the Deep quilt is twin size, and I made it with Kona Snow* and a purple fabric called Icon Elements in Titan Violet* by Art Gallery Fabrics.

purple and white fabric

The Icon Elements* range comes in a few different colours – they are great for the Diamonds in the Deep pattern as they have a small scale pattern that adds some subtle interest to the quilt. The AGF Decostitch range is also very pretty (and would have been my preference except they didn’t have a purple) – the low volume fabrics* are especially lovely.

Purple and white Diamonds in the Deep quilt

The log cabin blocks for the Diamonds in the Deep pattern are very easy to sew. I recommend sewing with a scant quarter inch seam so that the blocks are a tad oversized when finished. Then you can trim them back to get very accurately sized blocks.

Modern Log Cabin quilt in purple and white

When you quilt with purple, what colour thread do you quilt with?

This is such a common question. I’ve made a quilt with X colour fabric – what colour thread should I use to quilt it?

The answer is almost always: dove grey.

It doesn’t matter what colour your fabrics are, dove grey (a light, flat, matt grey) is going the blend in beautifully with it. It’s especially good when you have lots of different coloured fabrics in your quilt. Or when you have a pattern like Diamonds in the Deep, which relies on contrast between the two fabrics, guaranteeing that either colour would be stand out too much on the other fabric.

Quilting swirl pattern on a Diamonds in the Deep quilt

The dove grey is just right – you still get all the lovely texture of the quilting (on both white and colour fabrics) but it doesn’t try and steal the show. It’s definitely become my go-to quilting thread colour (second favourite is a similar flat, matt, beigey-tan, for when I use more brown tinted neutrals).

As for the quilting pattern – I went with swirly spirals. I’m very fond of the way curves look against the angles of the log cabin blocks, which is why I chose this pattern (many thanks to Lyn of Lyn’s Quilt Cottage for the lovely long-arming).

Log cabin quilt on a fence

If you struggle with choosing a binding fabric, you’ll love the Diamonds in the Deep pattern as it’s an easy one to bind. Just choose the same fabric that you use for the outer edges of your log cabin blocks and it will blend in beautifully.

I used my zigzag binding tutorial to machine bind this quilt. As is often the case, I couldn’t find a thread that matched the purple fabric exactly. One thread was a shade darker while another was a shade lighter. In these cases I tend to choose the lighter thread. To me it doesn’t stand out as much and blends in better (just my opinion).

Zigzag machine binding on a purple Diamonds in the Deep quilt

For my backing fabric I searched for something with a touch of the purple in it. That way I knew it would match the purple binding (and thread). This wideback fabric was just the ticket. It’s called Lava Lamp and the purple matched nicely (it’s a very useful wideback – it would match many different quilt tops).

Diamonds in the Deep quilt and backing

Alright, enough purple already. Time to see some more gorgeous Diamonds in the Deep quilts in other colours.

Your beautiful quilts!

Leigh also made a twin sized quilt using a mix of 8 Tula Pink fabrics that were heavy on the orange with a touch of pink. I think you’ll agree they blend beautifully to create a very orderly, scrappy effect.

Leigh's beautiful version of Bonjour Quilts' Diamonds in the Deep quilt pattern made with a mix of Tula Pink prints.
Leigh's beautiful version of Bonjour Quilts' Diamonds in the Deep quilt pattern made with a mix of Tula Pink prints.

Pat sewed up a lovely teal and low volume version of the pattern. I love the wee pattern in the low volume – very delicate.

Pat's beautiful version of Bonjour Quilts' Diamonds in the Deep quilt pattern made with a low volume and teal fabric.

Julia made a classic navy and white, with the additon of a navy border.

Julia's beautiful version of Bonjour Quilts' Diamonds in the Deep quilt pattern made in navy and white with a navy border.

Leanne went for a beautifully vibrant red and white version:

Leanne's beautiful version of Bonjour Quilts' Diamonds in the Deep quilt pattern made in red and white. It's a stunner!

Kathy also went striking red and white with a grunge style fabric:

Kathy's beautiful version of Bonjour Quilts' Diamonds in the Deep quilt pattern made in red and white.

Cheryl also made a purple quilt, teaming it with a lovely grey and multi-coloured centre squares. It’s so eye catching.

Cheryl's stunning version of Bonjour Quilts' Diamonds in the Deep quilt pattern made in purple and light grey, with coloured centre squares.

Gloria paired two tone-on-tone fabrics to give a lovely textured feel to her quilt:

Gloria's lovely version of Bonjour Quilts' Diamonds in the Deep quilt pattern made in charcoal and light grey.

I do so enjoy seeing all the different colour combinations people come up with for this quilt pattern. You’re all so clever and I thank you so much for sharing your work with me (well, with us all). Don’t stop sewing, and keep sending in those photos (or tag me on Instagram and Facebook).

If you’d like to make a Diamonds in the Deep quilt of your own, you can find the pattern here in the shop.

Happy sewing!

Purple and white Diamonds in the Deep quilt

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10 thoughts on “Quilt with Purple? Yes, you can!”

  1. Loving these quilts especially the Tula pink it’s amazing does the maker have photos on Instagram?
    Added the pattern to my very long wish list ????????


  2. Hi Kristy! Gosh I love your work and I am learning so much with you. Thank you! I am just learning how to sew, super beginner, but following your instructions I was able to make the quilt top of one of your patterns. Super exciting and motivating! I am considering buying a better sewing machine for quilting and I was wondering if you have have suggestions of goods (and not good) brands, what to look for in a machine for quilting, which types of stitching should we like for. I would like more than a basic machine, but not sure I like those super electronic ones with the little pen. If you don’t mind sending some suggestions it will be so much appreciated. Thanks a lot! You rock!!!

    • Hi Ana, I’m a big fan of my Janome (I have the MemoryCraft 8900 QCP) so I would recommend finding a Janome dealer in your area and going to visit them. They’ll be able to walk you through all the different models and make sure you get the right one. I would suggest buying one with a few extra bells and whistles than what you want so you can “grow into it” as you sew more and pick up new skills. Enjoy and have fun! 

  3. I’ve read that most women naturally gravitate to colors that are good for them. With your gorgeous hair and skin, I’m going to guess you love warm colors such as orange, coral, mustard, yellows, red-orange, yellow-green, olive and more. Those colors are very flattering to you.

    I LOVE purples, especially when combined with greens, cool blues & greens, cool reds and pinks. I have whitish-blond hair and fair skin. My hair used to be all blond but at age 70, that’s what I’m stuck with, and I don’t mind really. I look hideous in orange, yellow-green and those other tones that work for you, plus I really feel the same way about them as you do purple. And like you, I have a hard time working with them in quilts, especially mustard. Ridiculous, I know but it makes me want to gag.

    Isn’t it interesting how colors affect us?

    I have the Diamonds in the Deep pattern too (great minds think alike?). I haven’t gotten around to making it yet, but hope to start in the near future – as long as I don’t get sidetracked that is!

    Your purple quilt is exquisite. I can only hope mine will be half as beautiful!

    • I once went to a party (similar to a Tupperware party) where we all had our “colours” read. Apparently I’m an autumn, so yes all those colours are in my area. But I’ll admit I steer clear of yellow/orange/red and always choose blue/green/black, so I’m a bad, bad autumn! :)

  4. Beautiful quilts. I’m tempted to try this pattern some day. I also want to say your children are beautiful in the email post. Lovely family.


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