Scrap Magnet Quilt Pattern

I have a new scrap quilt pattern for you today called Scrap Magnet.

Scrap Magnet quilt pattern by Bonjour Quilts. A fun quilt that uses up lots of scraps.

This pattern will hopefully get you rifling through your scrap pile, looking for gold.

Scrap Magnet quilt pattern by Bonjour Quilts.

A good scrap pile rifling is like a stroll down memory lane. It’s fun to remember all the projects those fabrics featured in, and to know that they’ve still got plenty of life in them yet.

The Scrap Magnet pattern is a downloadable PDF pattern that will help you find a new home for your scraps.

Scrap Magnet throw-size quilt pattern

Scrap Magnet features a 16-block, 66.5″ square throw quilt.

Scrap Magnet quilt pattern. A 16 block throw sized quilt.

The colourful centres of the blocks in this quilt are made from scraps. However the background (grey here) and accent (white) are sewn from yardage and put together with strip piecing. This makes sewing up all the background pieces for the blocks much quicker and easier.

Individual blocks in a Scrap Magnet quilt.

A single 17″ Scrap Magnet block

For those who aren’t ready to commit to a full quilt, not a problem. I’ve also included instructions for a single block (17″ square). This can easily be turned into a table topper, a mini quilt or a cushion.

A Scrap Magnet quilt pattern block, ready to be turned into a cushion.

I sewed up this one in all the purples I had. I’ll be turning this one into a cushion later this week.

A Scrap Magnet quilt pattern block ready to be turned into a cushion.

When cutting your fabric for the 17″ blocks you can either choose to cut individual squares from scrap, or where you have large scraps, cut strips for strip piecing. The instructions have you covered either way.

A jumbo 44″ Scrap Magnet block

For those who want instant gratification, the pattern also includes instructions for a single jumbo sized block (44″ square). This block uses yardage rather than scraps and is perfect for whipping up a baby mat. Multiple blocks could also be used to create a larger quilt in quick time.

Scrap Magnet quilt pattern by Bonjour Quilts. Great for busting scrap piles. Pattern includes a throw quilt, a single block (for a cushion) and a jumbo block (for a baby mat or quick, larger quilt).

Shoes included above to give a better feeling for the size of the block. I’m standing on my sewing table. This block’s a big ‘un.

A jumbo Scrap Magnet quilt block ready to be turned into a quilted baby mat.

Choosing fabrics

For my Scrap Magnet throw size quilt I decided to go heavy on the rainbow!

I sorted all my scraps into colour groups.

My cat overseeing the sorting of scraps prior to making a quilt.

Then I pulled out little piles of 3 coordinating fabrics for each block. I’d already decided to use black scraps for the points (corner stones?) of each block. Using the same colour there would help tie all the blocks together.

Neat piles of colour-coded scraps ready to be sewn into scrappy patchwork blocks.

I chose the centre colour for most of the blocks as I was sewing them. I found it easier to audition my fabrics once I had my block pieces laid out in front of me.

Scrap Magnet quilt block all laid out and ready to be sewn together to create a scrappy patchwork block.

Once I had sewn all my blocks I spent a bit of time rearranging them until I found the layout I liked best.

Quilting my Scrap Magnet

When it came time to quilt I couldn’t say no to a good old cross hatch. Given all the squares in the quilt top this quilting design was so easy to do without marking a single line. I just went from one diagonal to the next all the way across the quilt.

A close up of a patchwork quilt block in a Scrap Magnet throw size quilt.

I may have gone a little overboard as I ended up quilting every square (to create a 1″ square cross hatch) but the texture is really lovely.

A close up of the cross hatch quilting used on a Scrap Magnet patchwork quilt.

Even though it took a while, I find straight line quilting to be quite relaxing. A glass of wine, some music and a few nights of quilting are quite therapeutic!

The backing of my Scrap Magnet quilt


To finish off the quilt I used a black print to echo the black fabric in each of the blocks. I did consider a scrappy binding but I felt the single colour calmed things down a bit and framed the quilt nicely.

The quilt binding

I did a machine binding for my Scrap Magnet quilt using zigzag stitch in black thread. If you need a how-to on zigzag stitch binding, I have a tutorial on this method over here.

A quilt binding

I really like the way it turned out. It looks like my binding is wearing false eyelashes!

The Scrap Magnet quilt pattern

If you’re ready to attack your scrap pile and turn it into something pretty, you can find the Scrap Magnet PDF quilt pattern in my online shop right here.

You can sew your own throw quilt, a jumbo block baby mat or just a single block cushion or mini-quilt. Your scraps will relish the opportunity to shine again!

A diagonal view across my scrap quilt

Happy sewing!

A diagonal view across my scrappy quilt

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12 thoughts on “Scrap Magnet Quilt Pattern”

  1. Yes, I do it all the time. The download comes to your e-mail. You click on download, and it will open a PDF. If for some reason it won’t go to your printer, click on the three little dots in the upper left corner of your Screen. A window will open asking if you want to switch to Safari. Click on this, and then send to your printer. You can find the printer by opening The icon at the top right of your screen that looks like a square with an arrow pointing up. Once open, scroll to the right until you see the print icon. Good luck!

  2. Love this pattern. I am very taken with the eyelash binding and that gorgeous grey fabric. Very cute cat, but what is wrong with the him/her, he’s not sitting slap dad in the middle of the material. Overtime I carefully lay out my quilting I have a cat who likes to sit on the fabric and swirl it into a crumpled ‘knot’ and each of my cats who have never met each other sit right in the middle it’s uncanny.

    • Ha, yes they know where to sit to cause maximum inconvenience! In the cat’s defence I should have known better than to lay piles of anything out on the floor – that’s pretty much an open invitation for a furry fabricweight. :) I had to use the sticky roller on all the scraps before I cut them!

  3. Your organization of each block’s colors are fantastic. Scraps? Yes. But, it isn’t thrown together haphazardly. I’ll be ordering the PDF.

    • Thank you, Christine. I think the best part of this quilt is getting to play with your scraps. I tended to alternate colour values where I could for the 3 colours in the circle. I felt it helped the design pop a little more.

    • Hi Kristy: I purchased your “Scrap Magnet” pattern yesterday. I paid with PayPal and received my confirmation back that the amount had been sent. But I have yet to receive the pattern download. When you have a minute please see if you have received my payment and why I am not receiving your download. Let me know what I can do to help with this matter. Thanking you in advance for your time.

      • Hi Jo – I’ve tracked down the problem – there was a typo in your email so the download email was wandering around in the ether somewhere :)
        Not a problem, I’ve corrected the email and you should have the download link waiting for you now. Just send me another email if you haven’t received it.
        Happy sewing! Kirsty


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