Scrappy Posie Mini Quilt

I made a scrappy mini quilt from my Scrappy Posie quilt pattern.

You can see the larger baby mat I previously made and download the free pattern for it over here.

The original baby mat version finishes at 42″ square. This smaller, scrappy mini quilt version comes in at 21″ square. It’s perfect for a table topper or to make an oversized cushion cover.

And of course, it’s a great way to use up some scraps!

I quilted my Scrappy Posie with wavy, diagonal lines. There was no need to draw any lines – the corners of the squares are more than enough guidance.

These organic waves are very easy to sew and quite therapeutic to complete.

I had planned to put together a scrappy binding but found I had quite a long length of one of the fuschia fabrics.

Those are special binding clips shown above. I’m often asked if they’re hair clips, but they’re not – they are stiffer and stronger. They also hurt when you use them in your hair (as my daughter found out the hard way when she was little!) You can find these binding clips here on Amazon. *

This mini quilt is currently doing duty as a table topper on our deck, but it’ll move inside soon. I’d like to put him on the wall next to some of my little Fleur mini quilts (one shown below). They’ll look very cute together.

If you have a surplus of scraps, perhaps you’d like to sew a scrappy mini quilt of your own.

Happy sewing!

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5 thoughts on “Scrappy Posie Mini Quilt”

  1. I love your sense of humor. I really liked the short video and the tutorial on bagpipes made me laugh. I look forward to your newsletters. They always have something wonderful in them.

  2. I’m wondering if you would share the sizes of the squares and HST’s you used to make the mini size or is their a separate pattern? I love the larger one and will probably make it, but I’m a mini nut and ……Carolyn

    • Hi Carolyn, that info is in the free PDF download already (it has the baby mat sized block and instructions to size it down to a mini quilt).

  3. I loved reading your newsletter
    and the bagpipes video is incredible. LOL I think I have two flutes in the piano bench, but wow, what a lark!!
    This mini quilt is so adorable I want to make one right now


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