Up And Away Quilt Pattern

I have the Up And Away quilt pattern ready for you today!

This pattern is a very easy and flexible modern quilt pattern that’ll help you get your stash out of the cupboard and into a beautiful quilt.

The pattern is fat quarter friendly and has instructions to make all 5 quilt sizes using fat quarters.

Up And Away is also yardage friendly and has instructions to make all the sizes with yardage too.

And for those who just can’t decide which way to go – good news! The two (FQs and yardage) can be mixed in the same quilt. You might like to have your arches in a single fabric (like mine in white yardage here) but have your background scrappy (like my navy FQ fabrics).

Let your stash be your guide and use the pattern in a way that suits you.

As mentioned before, the Up and Away quilt pattern comes with instructions for 5 sizes:

  • Baby: 40½” x 48½”
  • Throw: 60½” x 72½”
  • Twin: 60½” x 84½”
  • Queen: 84½” x 96½”
  • King: 108½” x 96½”

The navy, white and gold version you see here is the baby size.

I used a stack of navy FQs, white yardage and a gold metallic Essex linen for my quilt.

My first design decision was whether to use the white or the navy for the arches. I put the two options (below) up on my Instagram Stories. The version on the left won by a very slim margin.

Two quilts colour options - Up and Away quilt pattern

(When I actually pulled out my white fabric I realised I didn’t have enough to use it as the background anyway, so just as well this version won the vote!) I still like the one on the right – it has an art deco feel to me. I’d love to see it made with low volume fabrics.

Once my quilt top was complete I set about sewing up my backing. I had 2 x one metre lengths of this French fabric (languishing in my cupboard since 2012) which went nicely with the gold fabric of my feature triangles.

I spent a bit of time matching the prints in the two pieces before I joined them, so it looks like it’s just one piece of fabric. You can find my tutorial on matching fabric prints for a quilt backing over here.

For the quilting I chose my favourite organic, wavy lines quilting, which I do with my walking foot. I didn’t mark any lines, I just used the block seams as a guide and eyeballed the rest.

My binding was scrappy, using the leftover navy FQs and some extra bits and pieces I had in my scrap pile. I used a zigzag machine binding for this one (tutorial on this over here) with navy thread.

Do you ever choose your thread colour based on whichever has the fullest bobbin (because you’re too lazy to wind a new one?) No? Oh. Well…me neither *cough*.

I had 3 different navy threads at hand. The fullest bobbin still wasn’t as full as I’d like (it’s only a baby quilt but zigzag’s such a thread-gobbling stitch). I don’t mind a game of bobbin chicken occasionally – keeps me feeling young – so I pressed on. I’m happy to report I stared that bobbin down and made it around the whole quilt perimeter – with thread to spare. Life sure is exciting at my place!

If you’ve got yardage and/or fat quarters that aren’t living their best lives (stuck in a cupboard) then why not make yourself an Up And Away quilt? With 5 sizes and the ability to mix FQs and yardage you’ll be sure to find a version that suits the fabric you have at hand.

You can find the Up And Away quilt pattern here in my shop. If you make one, I’d love to see a photo!

I have another post on a yellow and aqua throw size version I sewed up…back in 2017! Pop over to see this pattern in a different colour way.

Happy sewing!


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8 thoughts on “Up And Away Quilt Pattern”

  1. Just read your April fool’s post where you mentioned your age of 47! That really surprised me–I would have guessed you in the 30s somewhere! You must be doing something right! Love your quilt designs too!

    Judy Sturm, Michigan, USA, where we are just now breaking into a lovely spring!

  2. I love your comment about choosing thread based on how much is on the bobbin…..I do that all the time. Your patterns are beautiful and inspiring, your posts are entertaining and educational, Iā€™m always so happy when I see your newsletter in my in box. Keep up the great work!


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