1. Wowsers! Those are some blocks with impact. Thanks for showing how to make the HST version – I love my Bloc-Loc when I can’t use an MM template to cut the triangles. Can’t wait to see all these come together! <3

  2. Kirsty – your tutorials look awesome and are the methods I’m used to. I plan on using them tomorrow. Thanks so much!

  3. Your blocks look fabulous, on their own and in the groups of 4! Thank you for the great tutorials! My book arrived yesterday and I know it would be wise to follow your method, although I always dread trimming those HST units. But it’s always worth it! (Though it might be even wiser to finish some other stuff around here, first … 😛 ;-))

  4. Your blocks are looking fabulous Kirsty! And as usual your explanations are clear and concise! I look forward to seeing more of your Farmer’s Wife….

  5. Thank you for the great tutorial! It was so helpful and I finished both blocks using your method and I’m really happy with how they came out!

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