5 Creative Links and Plenty of Quilts (and Cats) for You

Hello there and welcome back for another weekend update at Bonjour Quilts.

What I’m Sewing…

This week I quilted up my new triangle baby quilt. (I still don’t have a name for the pattern…that’s the hardest part of pattern writing for me.)

I went with organic, wavy quilting lines, following the vertical seams of the quilt top. Very quick and easy, and no need to mark any lines. Now that’s my type of quilting!

The backing for this one was quite a trip down memory lane. I bought this Anna Maria Horner flannel back when we lived in France. That was a very happy time in my life (because I was pregnant and breastfeeding for the majority of those years and those happy hormones are the bomb). They’re from the Folksy Flannels line and I really wish she would print that line again (along with the Good Folks cotton line). I have so many good memories involving those fabrics!

A triangle baby quilt backed with a pieced backing made from flannel fabric designed by Anna Maria Horner. The majority of it is sunny yellow, with a floral insert from the Innocent Crush fabric line.

Anyway, finding these smaller flannel cuts and realising that all together they would *just* be big enough for a backing was wonderful. I did have to be very precise with my basting as there was barely an inch of extra either side of the quilt.

Basting and quilting a triangle baby quilt at Bonjour Quilts. The quilt has different sized triangles in dark pink, light pink and yellow, with a low volume fabric background. The quilting pattern is a wavy, organic line design.

This was also why I chose to quilt up and down the quilt (rather than across the width) as I didn’t want there to be any sort of movement of my layers in that direction. Thankfully it all went well (no issues with the flannel and my walking foot), so happy days!

Now it’s on to binding. You can see my binding fabric choice below. I’ve decided to go with a completely different colour and I think it will really pop. (This light teal/jade fabric is from Devonstone Basics – an Australian brand. The colour is called Bondi Blue.)

A quilt binding ready to be sewn onto a baby quilt. The binding is made from a Devonstone basics fabric in the colour Bondi Blue.

Around the Interwebs…

If you have a quilt you’d like to enter in the International Quilt Festival’s 2024 Judged Show, you have until 30 May to complete your entry. You can find all the details/rules over here.

Some more Me Made May content – an incredible short video of what a sewist made with tea towels. Imagine something similar made with your favourite FQs!

I love paper cut art, but this artist has taken it one step further.

How cool are these printed fabrics that you can then embellish with your own embroidery? Obviously the cat one is my fave.

Reader Quilts…

I always love to see quilts you’ve made from Bonjour Quilts patterns so please keep sending them in! Either email (Kirsty at BonjourQuilts dotcom), or tag me on Facebook or Instagram. Here are some of your past makes:

Deb sewed up this darling Fleur Mini block. The small floral print really shines here, as does the choice of a darker colour for the leaves.

A Fleur Mini patchwork block sewn by Deb. The centre of the flower is a solid fabric while Deb has chosen a beautiful small-scale floral for the main petals. Dark leaves complete this pretty block! This pattern is available at Bonjour Quilts.

Leah also sewed up a version in different colours and I love how the one block can look so different!

A Fleur Mini patchwork block sewn by Leah. Leah's used four very different print fabrics to create a beautiful, lively flower patchwork block. This Fleur Mini PDF quilt pattern is available at Bonjour Quilts.

Kelley sewed up this fantastic Slip Stitch quilt in a striking almost-monchrome colour palette.

A Slip Stitch quilt pattern sewn up by Kelley in a lovely collection of olive green and charcoal fabrics. This quilt pattern is a good one for showing off a line of fabrics or any collection that you'd like to give equal showing to. The Slip Stitch quilt pattern PDF can be bought at Bonjour Quilts.

Here’s a stunning black and white version of The Plus Side quilt pattern made by Margo. It really packs a punch!

The Plus Side quilt pattern sewn by Margo in a range of black and white fabrics. This quilt pattern makes a stunning black and white quilt due to the interesting shapes created by such high contrasting colours. The Plus Side quilt pattern PDF can be found at Bonjour Quilts.

Chez Bonjour…

What’s been happening around my house (Chez Bonjour) of late? If you read last weekend’s blog post you’ll be happy to know that this weekend has been much more relaxing (no Code Browns, thankfully).

Although the weather is turning cooler, I’ve been up for some early morning walks and managed to see the sunrise over the ocean at our local beach. Here are some photos from our beautiful little corner of Australia (called the Sunshine Coast).

Sunrise over the ocean at a beach in Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia.
Sunrise over the ocean at a beach in Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia.

Cats’ Corner

It’s situation normal over here for the cats – lots of snoozing and snuggles, preferably near a sunshine-filled window.

A ginger Burmese cat sleeping on a fluffy grey cat bed with a stripe of warm sunlight shining on his side.
A ginger and a brown Burmese cat sleeping together on a fluffy grey cat bed with stripes of warm sunlight shining on them. They are cuddling up, heads together.
A ginger and a brown Burmese cat resting together on a fluffy grey cat bed. The brown cat has her paw over her brother's back and is staring at the camera with golden eyes and a surly look.

Thank you for reading – I hope you’ve found a few interesting or inspiring links here today. And hopefully you’ll also find some time for sewing! Until next time,

Kirsty x

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    6 thoughts on “5 Creative Links and Plenty of Quilts (and Cats) for You”

    1. Look how the dark kitty’s eyes seem to be the color of the light kitty’s fur…What a great color combo for a quilt! I do love seeing your beautiful patterns, color combos, and cats!

      • Hi Barbara – you’re absolutely right, they both have the same golden eyes, but Lulu’s pop so much more due to her different fur colour. His are very nice too, but they blend in more. She can look downright diabolical with those eyes shining in the sunlight sometimes! 

    2. I love the triangle baby quilt. An idea for a name…when I look at the triangles, I see little flags. Maybe name it “Flangles.”

    3. Beautiful quilts, wonderful scenery and adorable kitties!!!! Chicago is sliding into summer with a rash of spring flowers just begging to be a quilt pattern! The fleur pattern will be just perfect! Thanks for the wonderful photos!!!!


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