Embroidery embellishment and other decoration ideas for a Christmas mini quilt by Bonjour Quilts

Christmas Embroidery Designs and Other Embellishments

In my last post I introduced you to my latest quilt pattern – a mini quilt called Candy Christmas. I thought I’d share with you some variations on creating the appliqué Christmas tree as well as some embellishment ideas. Fabric Selection Firstly, there’s a lot that can be done with this pattern just with fabric …

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A scrap fabric embroidery tutorial at Bonjour Quilts

Scrap Fabric Embroidery Tutorial

This Scrap Fabric Embroidery Tutorial was first published on the Liberty of London Craft Blog in 2014.  As it’s no longer available there, I’m republishing here at Bonjour Quilts. Enjoy! This appliqué-and-embroidery project offers a way showcase your favourite fabric scraps so that you can see and enjoy them every day. Project Requirements (affiliate links*): 8 …

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A Little Bit of Liberty

Today I have a little interview and an embroidery tutorial up on the Liberty Craft Blog. For those visiting from the Liberty blog – you can find my embroidery hoop wrapping tutorial here. In other news, I received some fun mail this week – a copy of The Essential Guide to Modern Quilt Making. I …

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Bonjour Quilts - Embroidery Tutorial

Liberty or Death

Don’t get those petticoats in a twist, I’m not making a political statement – just a declaration of fabric adoration. The liberty I’m talking about here is the gorgeous fabric of Liberty of London. If you’ve spent any time looking around the craft blogosphere, you’ll know that some ladies would indeed die (and maybe kill?) …

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IKEA Hack Mat Repair - by Kirsty at Bonjour Quilts

IKEA Hack: Doormat repair

I got this little doormat at IKEA. It cost €2.99. After about 6 months of use (indoors) the edges started to do this: We all started to trip over it. At €2.99 I admit my first thought was to throw it out and buy another, which is a pretty crappy thought and indicative of the …

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Marseille Craft Fair, 2012

The weekend just past I took my life into my hands and drove to Marseille for the Tendances Créatives: Salon du Loisirs Créatifs et Déco Maison. Marseille is gorgeous but a lot of people there drive like they’re on crack. But it was well worth the adventure as I got to see lots of cool …

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You complete me…yes you do

A little show and tell to take us into the weekend. One of the great things about blogging is the friendships you make all over the world. One of the early friendships I forged was with the lovely Diana, who is sewing-crazy, lives in Romania and has her own little business making baby slings. She …

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Enjoy the Journey

Sometimes I get so focussed on what I need to get finished that I forget to enjoy myself along the way. I made this little embroidery to remind me to take a chill pill and be present. To me the journey is not just about achieving dreams or goals, but also about those myriad little …

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