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I’m excited to sew up another Window Panes quilt but wasn’t sure what fabric colour combo readers would like to see. Window Panes is a coming-soon pattern that I hope to have published in the next 2 weeks. Maybe earlier if I don’t catch a certain virus 🤞.

So far I’ve sewn a version in Very Peri (Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2022).

Quilt pattern made in Very Peri purple fabric

I’ve also sewn a multi-colour version with this gorgeous Adorn jelly roll, by Rashida Coleman-Hale of Ruby Star Society (fabric found on Etsy here* and the Fat Quarter Shop here*).

What colour fabric to use for the next one? I’ll run through the 3 fabric choices and then there will be a poll at the bottom where you can vote for your preference.

Fabric Choice 1 – Scrappy Teal with White Sashing

I really love the blue/green segment of the colour wheel so it make sense that these colours form a big chunk of my stash and scrap pile.

Scrappy teal fabrics with white sashing fabric

I have quite a lot of half-eaten FQs in a range of teals that I would like to clean up. I’m sure I’ll be able to salvage some strips from my scrap pile too so this would be a delightfully scrappy version. The teal will pop nicely against the white sashing.

Fabric Choice 2 – Scrappy Orange with White Sashing

Heading over to the opposite side of the colour wheel now to orange. About 3 years ago my 3rd child declared he adored orange and would love an orange quilt. Obviously this was blanket permission to start stashing suitable fabrics, which I did with great efficiency and enjoyment!

I was thinking of making a twin sized version of this quilt for him. When it came time to sew the quilt, said child’s favourite colour had changed to purple (!!) No amount of cajoling could convince him to accept an orange quilt, and so now I have a disproportionately large orange stash.

Scrappy orange fabrics with white sashing fabric

That said, I do think orange and white is a fresh and modern combination. I have a couple of prints with a touch of yellow and it would be good to use these together as well. I also like how there’s a range of colour values/colour saturation in these fabrics – it would be interesting to see how that looks in a quilt.

Fabric Choice 3 – Scrappy Low-Volume with Navy Print Sashing

This one’s the dark horse – inverting the pattern to make the sashing dark and keeping the window blocks light. I have quite a good stash of low volume fabrics (no surprises there). I’ve a variety of different coloured prints on light backgrounds as well as the usual grey/black on white. For this version I’ve only selected blue pattern prints, or blue-greys. I feel this ties in nicely with the navy print background fabric.

low volume fabrics with a navy print sashing fabric

The background fabric is a small scale floral print by Cotton + Steel and features metallic gold accents. It has a lot going on, but in a good way.

This is probably the more non-traditional of the 3 options, and it reminds me a bit of this inverted Lollies quilt.

Time to Vote

Alright, let’s hope I’ve figured out the technology with this one. There should be a poll below where you can click a dot against the option you’d like to see and hit submit.

The Results!

The poll is now over – thank you for voting! Here are the results. 🥁 *drumroll*

The winner is… teal!

I must admit, I wanted this colour scheme to win and had a sneaking suspicion it would do well. I guess I know my readers! What I didn’t guess was how close the top two placeholders would be. Teal won with 37% of the vote, the runner up received 36% of the vote. It was a close one!

I’ve already sewn the teal and white version up and just need to photograph it for the pattern’s front cover.

Second place goes to… navy and low volume.

This is where I got it wrong. I thought orange would be the second place winner, but the dark horse combo of a navy print background with low volume windows proved popular. This fabric option was nipping at the heels of first place, taking 36% of the vote. I hope to revisit this colour combination at a later date as I know a lot of you would like to see it put to use.

And third place must be… orange.

Poor orange came in last. The orange and white sashing combo won 27% of the vote, which is nothing to sneeze at. I still think it’s a lively modern quilt combination and I hope to use those fabrics in something else in the near future.

So there you have it! The teal and white Window Panes quilt will appear on the cover of the pattern, which will be in my shop before the week is done. Yay! If you have FQ bundles or jelly rolls you’d like to put to good use you’ll love this quilt pattern.

Until next time, thank you for reading along,


Scrappy teal fabrics with white sashing fabric
Quilt pattern made in Very Peri purple fabric
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33 thoughts on “Help Needed with Fabric Choice”

  1. I picked the teal – now I’d love to see you do the orange – minus the scissors. Love the idea, but scissors are pretty specific. For giggles, switch it out with more fuchsia from the medallion? or the green for a softer side? Or were you thinking of the sashing being green? Anyway you do it will be fabulous! Thanks!

  2. I voted for teal because I like those hues but maybe the inverted one could be more interesting and impactful. What a nice and simple pattern… I love it! it would be beautiful in neutrals too!

  3. This was an easy choice for me; process of elimination! I love teal, but I think these hues are too similar – not enough contrast. As for orange – it’s NOT my favorite color; ’nuff said. So it’s the dark horse. These fabrics are all rather busy, but I like that and think they’ll be very cute up against the much darker background.
    Still, I like everything you do, so go for it girl! I’m sure it will be beautiful no matter what you choose.

  4. I can’t choose: they all look lovely.
    I can easily think of reasons to make each.
    BUT, can you tell me what the fabric is third from bottom of the teal selection (teapots and flowers)?
    Amanda Williams

    • I wish I could, Amanda, but unfortunately I don’t have the selvedge info. I bought it at a stall at a quilt fair that only sold Japanese style fabrics. It was a FQ and I didn’t get the selvedge edge with the printing details on it. Sorry about that!

  5. I love Orange and I saw a very pretty one made up with Orange and pinks and it was BEAUTIFUL. What size will the blocks be on this one.

  6. I choose the blues because it’s a step away from the usual white/off white sashing. Rather demure. I don’t think I’ve ever made a quilt that you couldn’t see across the road – so I’ll let you lead the way. Any of them will be wonderful! Thanks

  7. Love number 3 inverted. Light inside the windows, dark outside. Also love the orange, but perhaps with an alternative to white to give it a zing.

  8. Teal because of the darker sashing. But best of all are your comments at the bottom of your blog. A great chuckle! Yes, to be a woman!

  9. I like your Veri Peri quilt! I don’t like purple at all but I might try it as I have some of the same fabrics. However, for the new quilt, I would love to see the Orange one in how it looks! I like orange and have used it before because it is fresh and not used very often. White or a little bit of yellow would be amazing!

  10. always orange! the source of all energy is red + yellow. also orange says that we must help fund research to stamp out childhood leukemia.

  11. I picked the Navy because you already made quilts with white sashing and colorful insides. The dark sashing will be a different view.

  12. I picked teal because it’s my favorite but the orange would be great too. Actually my brain said combine the orange and teal together with the white sashing. Best of both worlds!

  13. I have made an orange quilt that sis has named “Joyful”. I’d love to see those fabrics done in a more complex design with small, solid color pops that bring out the secondary colors in fabrics – like the fuchsia or green or pale yellow – along with white background. Maybe put the orange also in cornerstones in the sashing. Love those fabrics. I did choose teal for the block vote…

  14. I feel #3 would be the most stunning combination because of the background color so, althought I adore teal, and think the orange would be a wonderful vibrant quilt, I had to pick 3.

  15. I love teal, however, its got to be #3 for me as i love out of the ordinary configurations. I cant wait to see it completed.


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