Scrappy Lattice Quilt Pattern – Alternate Colours

If you caught my last post you’d know that I’ve just released a new quilt pattern called Scrappy Lattice.

The pattern comes in 5 sizes (baby, lap, twin, queen, king) and has two different block sizes to offer more choices for scrap reduction. There are instructions for using scraps and also for fat eighths (baby and lap) and fat quarters (twin, queen, king).

I’ve made a yellow and white version and a navy and white one as well.

I was also lucky enough to have two testers put the pattern through its paces. They sewed two very different versions which both look fantastic.

Pattern Tester Versions

First up, Cynthia sewed a version in teal with black sashing. (You can find Cynthia here on Instagram – she is into everything crafty and has some fantastic projects in her feed.)

Teal and black Scrappy Lattice Quilt sewn by Cynthia @praterclp

Cynthia says it reminds her of stained glass and I have to agree with her. There are a lot of “busy” prints in here but the dominant teal and the strong sashing pull it all together beautifully.

Next is Kalynn lovely version in red/white fabrics also with black sashing.

Red and black Scrappy Lattice quilt sewn by Kalynn

Again, the black sashing keeps all those wayward scraps in line to make a high impact quilt. Beautiful!

Scant on Scrap?

But what if you haven’t got a lot of scraps in the one colour?

Well, you have a few choices. There are some awesome scrap bags that can be found on Amazon*. And I challenge you to resist these cuties on Etsy!*

If you have a pretty good start of a scrap collection you can supplement it with fat quarters. That’s what I did with my navy quilt – it’s about half scraps with the rest cut from a variety of fat quarters from my stash. And of course, you can just make the quilt completely from FQs – the pattern includes instructions for that, too.

Another good option is to use fewer scraps in ALL the colours! That’s what I did with this super scrappy quilt here:

Rainbow Scrappy Lattice Quilt pattern

I arranged my scraps into a colourful quilt with fun diagonal stripes.

The Scrappy Lattice quilt pattern has several colour-in sheets so you can design a layout that works for your own particular scraps.

I provide 3 alternate layouts in the pattern for lap/twin sizes (with cutting requirements) and this rainbow quilt is one of them.

I even pieced some smaller bits of fabric together (see the dark green) to make this one. It’s so good to be able use up every last bit!

scrappy piecing for a scrappy quilt - scrap quilt pattern

The Scrappy Lattice quilt pattern gives you loads of options for reducing your scrap pile and reducing your FQ stash.

If you’d like to sew a scrappy quilt of your own, you can find the pattern here in the Shop. Happy sewing!

*affiliate links

scrappy rainbow quilt by Bonjour Quilts

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9 thoughts on “Scrappy Lattice Quilt Pattern – Alternate Colours”

    • Hi Janell, it might not be the best use of your jelly roll as they would need to be trimmed down for the lattice strips (both the small and large block sizes use sashing/lattice less than 2-1/2″). But if you’ve got more jelly rolls than you know what to do with, go for it! 

  1. This is a great way to use up scraps!! I just sorted all mine by color last week and I have an unusually large pile of pink !? I may just need to do a pink version of this to get that bin under control. Thanks for the links to the scrap bundles on Amazon & Etsy…I didn’t know such a thing existed!


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