1. Love what you have done with that black. I’d probably have to unpick those two pieces but I would be cursing all the way!!

  2. Hi Kirsty! Go you for making this quilt!!! I often think it would be an amazing challenge but then I look at the book and go… Nah. I sure will enjoy watching your progress though. I just know you will have a very modern interpretation of it and it will look amazing. Bummer about those mistakes, hate that. It won’t seem so bad after a sleep.

  3. Hello Kirsty,
    Love what your doing with these blocks and the fabric.
    Thanks for explaining why you’re cutting your fabric just so!

  4. This looks great! I love your idea of the “tiled” blocks! 🙂 The fabrics are also lovely, I’m sure it will be a very stylish quilt!! I actually also ordered the book and have made two blocks from the tutuorial PDFs while I’m waiting on it. I’m really excited about the idea of joining the QAL, but I’m not sure how realistic it will be for me to keep up … Well, I guess I can do it at my own pace and follow along what the others are doing, anyway. It’s always such fun when a big group of crafters interpret the same pattern! I’m looking forward to your next set of blocks! 🙂

  5. It’s been nearly two months since you posted this. I REALLY hope you decided to leave those lower squares as they were. Your block is striking as it is, and life is so much more interesting with little variations. Perfection is like Pinterest – nobody can measure up – and your block is authentic and true.

  6. Great looking square and I like the fabrics. Why couldn’t you make a 9 patch, cut it in half then add the inside pieces. That would eliminate all the added piecing. Just a thought.

  7. i just love this block where do i find the measurments to make it your colors are out standing thankyou for sharing i am fairly new at this thanks again

  8. I love your patterns and the Farmer’s Wife block is terrific. Thank you for sharing. Love the colors. I’m not good at picking colors, it takes me forever to gather the right ones for a project so I appreciate it when someone like you guides me. Anyway, many thanks for a fun block.

  9. Although this block is gorgeous, I would be inclined to simplify it by making a 9 patch and cutting it in half both horizontally and vertically and doing inserts. Would be quicker and I’m all for “quicker”. LOL Perhaps using 5″ squares and then using 2 1/2″ inserts – or larger – if so desired. Again, it would depend on the design of your fabric for fussy cutting the corners and the center medallion.

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