1. i just wanted to say, i’ve read your last two posts about your process for the quilt along, and i love that you’ve come up with your own plan! and it’s so unique- that tile inspiration photo is perfect. can’t wait to see where it goes. thanks for sharing a little bit of creative inspiration.

  2. Those blocks really are tricky when it comes to fabric choice! I’ve played it quite safe with my Betty block (got it cut and sewn today! :-)) and I have a feeling that the smaller the pieces will get the trickier the fabric selection to achieve maximum impact will be! I hope you still can use your first set of blocks somehow, maybe in another project! I love how these blocks look in the 4-block layout! It’s so cool to see those patterns emerging! And the mustard and navy combo is stunning! Thank you for sharing your process!

  3. I really like that you shared with us what you consider to be the less successful block.

    I love the way you are working with these blocks and choosing the ones you want to work with. The two you four squares you have completed so far work really well together.

    I am looking forward to seeing how your work progresses.

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